Container and pipe cleaning

The cleaning of surfaces is represented as a "Sinnerschen Circle", which depends on several factors:

  • The chemistry, with the correct selection of the product in relation to the level of dirt, the materials and the type of application.
  • The temperature as an important cleaning factor in departments where hot processes are carried out. Here the cleaning speed can be doubled by increasing the temperature by 10 C.
  • The mechanics, without which no efficient cleaning can take place, must be taken into account in the design of the spray heads and piping.

The time required for cleaning is derived from the initial level of dirt and the interaction of the points listed above. As in all questions of cleaning and disinfection, it is essential here for the user to have a contact partner whose skill and specialist knowledge does not end with the product selection only.

The consultants of TENSID-CHEMIE have the necessary expertise in all questions related to cleaning. They also offer many additional benefits, particularly with the checking and optimisation of CIP systems by means of TC® CIP ANALYTIK or the control of pipelines and hoses with the TC® CLEAN CAM.