Avoidance of mineral deposits

Due to the locally different chemical composition of the water constituents, in water a variety of minerals and salts are present such as dissolved calcium and magnesium. Through the evaporation, lime does not disappear along with the water vapors, it concentrates in the remaining cooling water. These deposits, for example, calcium carbonate, calcium phosphate, mud and other substances reduce the efficiency in open and closed cooling circuits. In order to restore the cooling performance, time and cost intensive cleaning is required. To prevent mineral deposits and solid deposits TENSID-CHEMIE offers a variety of inhibitors based on phosphonates, polyphosphates and special polymers.

The particular advantage of WEICOGARD®-C products is the outstanding dispersing power against iron and solids. Deposits can be completely prevented and the heat transfer in the heat exchangers is ensured. Furthermore, the risk of back surface corrosion is eliminated.