Praxis oriented Water- und Process treatment for more plant efficiency

TENSID-CHEMIE provides individual solutions for the treatment of cooling water, tanks and for the treatment of pasteur systems in the beverage and brewing industry. Our products are developed with passion and dedication. They are the result of many years of investment in applied chemistry and know-how with the desire to always provide practical and high quality products at the cutting edge.

With our WEICOGARD®products for water treatment, cooling, boiler and pasteur systems run more efficient and stable. We have developed innovative products for the treatment process especially for applications in the beverage and brewing industry.

Our customers benefit from longer system run times, lower energy consumption and an optimized operational safety. Our experience, our expertise and especially our excellently trained staff make us a competent partner
for water and process treatment.

Our service portfolio includes:

  • Service and advice - professional and solution-oriented - through highly qualified
    field staff and own analysis service
  • Delivery of chemicals and customized specialty products
  • Delivery of Instrumentation, control and dosing technic (on request)
  • Designing of a customized treatment concept taking into account the aspects of economy, environmental protection and occupational safety