Cooling water treatment

Water as a coolant is needed in the various facilities in the beverage and brewing industry. The diverse structures of the cooling systems (open and closed cooling water circuits) is inevitably the cause for diverging requirements in the cooling system and thus and different methods for cool water treatment. The necessary water treatment to ensure optimal cooling water quality is the centerpiece of a trouble free cooling tower system.

In water-cooled processes an optimal heat transfer to the water is of particular importance. Deposits or corrosion particles adversely affect the heat transfer greatly.

TENSID-CHEMIE develops, with the WEICOGARD®-C range for cooling and process water systems customized solutions to avoid deposits and corrosion in open or closed cooling systems.

A chemical cooling water treatment by TENSID-CHEMIE holds cooling water systems free of corrosion, deposits and biological contaminants.

Mit der Kühl- und Prozesswasserpalette der WEICOGARD®-C und in Kombination mit der WEICOGARD®-T Reihe bietet die TENSID-CHEMIE wirkungsvolle Verfahren zur

With the cooling and process water range of WEICOGARD®-C and in combination with the WEICOGARD® - series, TENSID-CHEMIE offers effective methods for

• hardness stabilization,
• corrosion inhibition,
• dispersion,
• elimination of microorganisms and pathogens (incl. Legionella control),
• removal of solids,
• water treatment,
• cleaning

for the safe operation of your cooling systems

TENSID-CHEMIE supports you with a complete package including regulated product dosage and regular checks on the results of the treatment results.

Experienced engineers analyze the cooling water either on site or in our own laboratory and assess the results based on the individual operating conditions. Thus a fast and continuous improvement of the cooling water treatment is ensured.

Aside from the economic aspect, we also emphasize great importance towards a safe environmental management of your cooling systems.