Oxygen binders

The demands towards the feed water quality is to maintain a sufficient purity in order to limit corrosion of the materials and to minimize the transport of corrosion products and corrosive contaminants to the boiler.

Even small amounts of dissolved oxygen in boiler systems lead to corrosion in feedwater lines, the boiler and after boiler parts.

Modern degasser can reduce the oxygen content in the water to a few ppb. However, a complete removal is not possible. In order to remove this residual oxygen TENSID-CHEMIE, uses a different vapor-volatile and non-steam-volatile oxygen binder.

Taking into account the requirements and operating conditions of the boiler plant, we choose the ideal oxygen binder and determine the dosage.

Through the use of WEICOGARD®-B 200 and WEICOGARD®-B 201 based on a neutralized ascorbic acid, a very rapid binding of oxygen, on the one hand, is achieved and on the other hand, the metal surface is passivated and the formation of a desired magnetite is promoted.

The newly developed WEICOGARD®-types are recommended for a complete all-round protection (Chemical degassing and conditioning) in the boiler water treatment. Based on the acceptable active substance ascorbate the products have been used in many boiler systems for several years - with great success. They convince not only by their excellent oxygen binding, but also as an effective metal passivator.