System construction & equipment

Conveyor belt lubrication systems

Stringent requirements are placed on transport systems in the beverages industry. Faults and failures with bottle conveyor systems can cause the stop of the whole filling department. High stoppage costs are therefore a continual problem. Proper lubrication of the various conveyor belt systems is therefore particularly important. This must at all times be sufficient to prevent any transport problems, and to minimize wear to both conveyor belts and bottles at the lowest possible operating costs.

TENSID-CHEMIE systems comply fully with these requirements:

  • Design to customer needs and specifications
  • Reliable and efficient bottle transport
  • Easy accessibility of system components
  • Modular, adaptable design
  • Straightforward operation
  • Economic and efficient use of operating materials

We will be happy to assist you in the optimisation of your belt lubrication system, and in the planning and design of new systems.

Chemicals storage according to WHG

Serious risks can be posed by the storage of certain materials and their residues. Storage areas are therefore subject to corresponding requirements relating to water safety. The WHG (Wasserhaushaltsgesetz - water safety regulations) (§ 19 a ff) and the relevant ordinances define the necessary storage conditions of materials dangerous to water. Storage areas containing more than 300 l of such liquids within the building, and more than 1,000 l outside the building, must be provided with adequate collecting tubs.

TENSID-CHEMIE can plan and supply you with the necessary equipment, together with all required accessories:

  • Chemical storage tanks
  • Collection tubs
Dosing stations

The use of various cleaning and disinfectant agents in the food and beverage industry places exact requirements on the necessary dosing technology. A great measure of expertise and experience is indispensable in order to guarantee unfailing process reliability and consistent product quality in the design of dosing technology.

TENSID-CHEMIE offers its customers a complete service, covering the planning and production of simple to even the most sophisticated dosing systems.
Our service facilities also include the optimisation and maintenance of existing dosing systems by our highly-qualified technicians.

Our dosing systems

  • are completely assembled and tested on stainless steel consoles
  • offer a high level of dosing reliability and accuracy
  • are specifically designed for the relevant medium and system
  • are extendible
  • are easily accessible
Foam systems

Effective cleaning has now become a decisive factor at the level of day-to-day competition. Consumers expect product quality, and the trade demands increasingly longer durability. At the same time, EU Directives and state institutions are placing increasingly stringent requirements on product hygiene at all stages of distribution and sale for the safety of the consumer.

In the selection of a cleaning system, it is therefore becoming increasingly crucial to take all the relevant aspects into consideration - especially hygiene, environment and cost-effectiveness.

The heart of the hygiene system is the foam technology.

TENSID-CHEMIE, in co-operation with its expert business partners, supplies a wide range of products and accessories for the foam cleaning, rinsing and disinfection of production equipment, work surfaces, walls and floors.

Amongst other things, these include:

  • Central and local foam cleaning systems
  • Mobile foam cleaning machines
  • Manual foam cleaning machines