Water treatment

Thanks to its high heat capacity and vaporisation enthalpy, water is an almost ideal medium as a heat-conducting fluid in heating and cooling systems such as cooling towers, heat-exchangers, pasteurisation equipment, ice-water cooling circuits, boilers, air-scrubbers and air-conditioning systems, sprinkler systems, etc.

Natural water is a complex mixture of materials, which can change depending on the conditions of use, and develop adverse side effects, which can interfere with heating or cooling processes:

  • the precipitation of dissolved salts in the form of deposits, which impair heat conduction and reduce the efficiency of systems
  • the change in the salt concentrations and pH levels, resulting in increased corrosiveness to metallic materials
  • the creation of optimum growth conditions for micro-organisms contained in the water or introduced from outside, leading to contamination situations and formation of bio-films and slime

In order to prevent or limit such side effects, the use of special water treatment chemicals is essential, which are provided by TENSID-CHEMIE with their WEICOGARD® product range.