Dry conveyer belt lubrication

With the innovative development of the water-reduced conveyer belt lubrication concept, TENSID-CHEMIE has succeeded in combining economic and ecological benefits.

As a result of increasingly scarce water resources, it is hardly justifiable to use fresh water in large quantities for the container transport. The concept of the product was developed in such a manner that not only the requirements of belt lubricant are excellently fulfilled, but also the requirements of responsible water management.

Due to significantly lower water consumption, no foam is developed on the conveyor belts and therefore faulty discharge can be counteracted at the inspector. Water-reduced conveyer belt lubrication can be used regardless of the material of the containers and conveyer belts. In addition, no new or additional nozzles and / or pipelines are required, since existing distribution systems can be used.

The water that is used in the water-reduced conveyer belt lubrication, ensures for good hygienic conditions of the belts without additional cleaning intervals during operation.

Our local staff, will advise you on the right product for your conveyer belt lubrication.